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I don’t sell magic for the sake of releasing it, if only more magicians did that we wouldn’t be saturated with so much mediocre magic. Nothing annoys me more than magicians churning out magic like a machine – and claiming everything they release has been a ‘worker’ of theirs for years. Although, occasionally as you will see from this blog, I do like to give away free downloads, tricks and moves that may or may not be useful to anyone (usually off the wall ideas I’m playing with), so I let you decide on that for yourself.

I had originally planned on releasing a new magic book twice a year, but due to the time and effort the first book took me, I decided it may be between one and two years before another release, and that’s not due to lack of material, but I wanted to take releasing saleable material seriously, and revisit old routines and breath life back into things I was no longer performing, to see if there was new angles that could be looked at before it is released to the magic fraternity. The material in my currents releases and future releases are a mixture of retired items, current repertoire items, things that are interesting and new (that I will openly reveal to be) and things sound like they work on paper, but have never really been flight tested for a number of reasons, both of the latter two, I have no problem letting you know they are are either new and/or untested – as you would have seen if you have read book 1. Sometimes I find an idea or concept worthy enough to share without working out the bare-bones, and sometimes I can’t go any further with it at the moment, and offer it for you to develop it. I offered water out of an oily world as a completed not completed routine, and I know many that are performing it almost as it is in the book. I’ve seen quite a few people do things very similar recently which has been great to see.

These Damn American Coins will be re-released later this year with a revised and updated download, this time containing photos to make learning it a little easier.

Since the release of Missing Pieces i’ve been slowly drafting out my routines, and hopefully by the end of the year in time for x-mas book 2 should be released. I’ve jotted up a table of contents, which will more than likely change, but it will contain a few pet items that have been retired, but  have recently gone back into my working repertoire to make sure there are no problems. I also have a lot of research to complete to make sure I’m not stepping on toes. I’m hoping to include my ring in balloon dog and my version of the frog prince trick; both routines have served me very well for five years or so. In 2006 I was working on a book called ‘Tricks I learnt whilst trapped in my freezer’. I had the blessing of about a dozen magicians (including Josh Jay & Wayne Dobson) to allow me to publish my variations of their effects. Eventually the idea was scraped, but I’m thinking of including a few routines from this project in book 2.

I’m going to write this down here, and try to stick to my word…after the release of book 3 – I’ll do a best of DVD.

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