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Boxnose is a crackpot free download which was first made available via the magic cafe’. This is for people who love free stuff, but not for those who hate free stuff that is not very good. Essentially its a vanishing card box to nose effect.

‘Boxnose’ is not going to be in my second book (although it might be in my eleventh as filler) as it’s not something I would consider as paid performance material, and I stopped doing it after a few months (occasionally when I’m drunk) I had fun with it to begin with and now the novelty has worn off, as I’m sure it will for you. This is one of those ridiculous tricks we all have in our repertoires that is a lot of fun to perform (for a little while) and gets a fun reaction (that actually means, a trick you do for your own amusement). So I offer it to you as a freebie.

I imagine even for my most ardent fans, this will an enduring read.

However, this download does make a great present for somebody you don’t like.

click here for boxnose


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