The Cling Principal

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I have accumulated about half a dozen half-finished essays for this blog, and I think I’ve lost my train of thought on most of them, so they’ll be completed as and when.

Looking through some old notebooks today I found a few nice ideas and a few, much like these essays, are miles away from a completed effect.

One that I remember playing with around seven years ago, I titled the ‘Cling Principal’. The idea was essentially, a brand new deck of cards (either your own or borrowed) was opened up, and shuffled by either you or the spectator, they then choose a card and place it back in a very fair manner, and you can instantly locate it. The working is extremely simple, when you open up a new deck of cards, you tear of a small square of the cellophane (about 3/4 square inch) whilst removing it from the deck, and this is kept in a sort of finger palm as the cards are taken out the box. The cards are then shuffled and the static from the cellophane sticks to the bottom card. The cards are spread, a card is chosen and replaced where the spectator wishes to have the cards cut.and the cards are cut at the spectators place of choice and the cut is completed. The piece of cellophane acts as a thick/long/breather type locator, marking the position of the selected card underneath the cellophane. You can have someone else cut to the card or you can find the card yourself easily. This isn’t much of an effect, but with the right imagination and time I’m sure this could be the method for a potential impromptu miracle.

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