Kieron Johnson – Magician (To the Max)

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I’ve known Kieron Johnson since he first got into magic, since then he’s become a magic superhero, mixing his love of magic, super powers and other supernatural abilities. His performance style is unlike anything you’ve seen before, it’s crazy, it’s original and he gets some of the biggest reactions magic can get.

His latest offering is Called ‘To the Max’  a dvd and gimmick combo produced by RSVP magic. You can find it here: With this you can produce a solid block of ice at any point in your performance.

Here’s what I wrote on the magic cafe:

Not only have Kieron’s audiences been raving about this since he created it – every big name in magic that has seen this has loved it, and not surprisingly those that have been privileged to learn the method of this have put it right into their performances. This has been kept secret for quite a while now – but now it’s time unleash “To the Max”, to the world.

Kieron tips his hat to the reputation making magic of Max Malini – and this is just one of many many routines Kieron does that not only brings the essence Malini’s effects into the 21st century, but makes them accessible for all.

If you are just performing mere puzzles with your magic, it’s time to stop. It’s time to change everything. It’s time to bring your audiences what they deserve. It’s time to bring them miracles.

Sometimes simplicity is stronger than anything. This is simple, bold powerful magic at its finest that won’t your break knuckles trying to learn – you’ll be watching people pick up their jaws off the floor in no time.

This, without a doubt, will be the years hottest effect, it’s literally cool as !@#$.’ 


I think it’s gonna be one of the biggest sellers of the year. Check it out.

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