Marvelous Nut Dropper by Matthew Wright

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Marvelous Nut Dropper by Matthew Wright (and yes, the spelling mistake is intentional!)


This is not just a trick, but a lifetimes of work. I’m sure a lot of people are extremely excited about this – so here goes:

I’ve known Matthew Wright for about 7 years, I first met him at an audition for a magic bar, and he was the head magician. After everybody auditioned, Matthew did a spot. It was there and then, I become one of Matthews biggest fans. His magic was direct, powerful, magical and extremely entertaining.

Our paths crossed again when we spent a few seasons working together in Spain , and I really learnt that there was so much more going on behind the scenes with what you see. Matt’s attention to detail his understanding of; people, his character, his magic, and the effect are a rarity in performers you’ll come across in this generation.

I’ve been fortunate to be involved in creation process of Matt’s effects in the past, his meticulous nature means every crease is ironed out, every possibility is catered for, and no stone is left un-turned.

This year Matt has been performing his Nut Dropper effect non-stop – and whilst I’d heard about it, I hadn’t had the chance to see it myself. When Matt sent me a copy – I was both touched, and excited.
When I looked at the gimmick, my first thought was “how is that going to work?” Now, when it comes to usable gimmicks and props, Matt is undoubtedly a genius – his inventive nature and handy prop builder skills made me believe it would be some complex precision machine made gimmick. But it’s not, it’s so simple, so clever and you’d never think of it in a million years.

Intrigued and perplexed, I put the dvds on, excited to find out how this gimmick would work. There was two DVDs that came in the package. I wasn’t quite sure why there would be so much video, and then came surprise number two.

You are not just getting a one trick dvd here, you are getting a masterclass, a lifetimes of work. It’s amazing, it really is.

Here, you are going to see and learn, fully road tested, and worked in full routines, with the object to walnut (Matt covers rings, sim cards, notes etc Anything that will fit inside a walnut can be produced from it), INSIDE a fruit as the big finale. There’s gags, there’s lines and a tonne of award winning magic, you’ll learn things such as Matt’s cups and balls, the shell game, a really really brilliant Lippincott box steal, a fibre optic/Williamson/ring leader routine, a card effect and more!

As a brilliant bonus Matthew and Harry Robson talk through Matthew’s stage performance. You’ll learn how Matthew thinks, how he works his character, and the silent script (something every magician should do), and the nuances and thoughts that go into his performances. It really is a master class from a modern day wizard.

Whatever the price of this is – it will be a bargain. You need to pre-order it as soon as it’s coming out (which I believe will be shortly after returning back from his lecture tour) If he’s not one of your favourite magicians yet, he will be after watching this.
I can’t praise it any higher than I’ll be using this myself, and really can’t wait to put this in my show.
Everyone can take something away from these DVD’s. You’ll thank me later.

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