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long overdue update.

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Rather than writing up nonsense to fill pages, half-hearted anecdotes and ill-fitting quotes, sometimes nothing here happens for a VERY long time. It’s still active, as am I. The Jokers knows nothing was originally released before the iphone 5/5s/5c – … Continued

Kieron Johnson – Magician (To the Max)

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I’ve known Kieron Johnson since he first got into magic, since then he’s become a magic superhero, mixing his love of magic, super powers and other supernatural abilities. His performance style is unlike anything you’ve seen before, it’s crazy, it’s … Continued

Where art thou?

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As usual – it’s been a crazy year so far, and not much time to get anything for other magicians done e,g  work on new products and writing. January will probably see some new and interesting things. For now – … Continued