Quote of the Week

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Just because the vast majority of the audience do not appreciate what you are striving for should not prevent you from aiming towards perfection.   – Gordon Bruce

The Cling Principal

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I have accumulated about half a dozen half-finished essays for this blog, and I think I’ve lost my train of thought on most of them, so they’ll be completed as and when. Looking through some old notebooks today I found … Continued

Approaching Directly

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Thoughts on approaching spectators for close up magic. In the thousands and thousands of times I have approached people to show them magic, I have been refused very very little. The most times I have been refused was when I was working a small international bar in … Continued

Pro Tip No.1

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I haven’t seen this mentioned before, and think its a very noteworthy tip if you perform in a suit. When you are looking to buy a new suit, make the sure the main thing to look for (other than buying … Continued

Coming Soon

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I don’t sell magic for the sake of releasing it, if only more magicians did that we wouldn’t be saturated with so much mediocre magic. Nothing annoys me more than magicians churning out magic like a machine – and claiming … Continued