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These damn American coins


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These damn American coins  – back in stock soon

Seriously. This is great! Every detail has been worked and worked in live venues with harsh audiences until it was right. Funny, up beat, and above all magical for any audience. Highly recommended
James Brown
Matt Colman These Damn American Coins

Three coins, two hands and a camp little purse. First off, three coins drop to the table. Counting the three coins…you realize one has vanished in mid air…It has penetrated the purse! Open up the little purse to find the first coin! The excitement doesn’t stop there! Oh no baby. After the bewilderment of how the hell that happened, the magi tries to repeat it, this time not through cheap imitation leather, oh no he means business…this time through solid wood! Two coins are rubbed on top of the table the hand is removed and shown one has gone. It has melted through the table! The magician losing his sanity over the damn American coins tries it one more time. One coin rubbed through the table, the last one can even be signed! It’s gone! The other hand goes underneath and plucks the last coin out from under. The purse is placed on the table. “A miracle” they all shout. It’s all over. Just then the magician seems to lose his balance as the coin purse he’s resting on vanishes from under his hand! It’s melted through the table too!

This coins through table does not offer anything ground breaking, but a sure-fire solid routine that flows from one phase to the next with extra endings and handling tips.

Uses two standard coin gimmicks most magicians will have.


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