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Review for Missing Pieces

There’s a rather irritating trend forming in magic, where every effect in a book has been in the authors ‘working repertoire for 20 years’, how long are these guys sets? Luckily, Matt Colman isn’t one of those authors, the effects in ‘Missing Pieces’ are a diverse selection of either well worked performances or, by his own admission ‘Pipe Dreams and Concepts’. It makes for a very refreshing read, there’s some absolute gems in there, some promising ideas to adapt and develop and some incredibly honest and thought provoking ideas on getting more from your performances. Add to all this Colman’s innate ability to amuse, his non conventional style of writing and the clear and concise descriptions of the 12 effects and you have ‘Missing Pieces’, a brilliant first literal outing for an incredibly talented performer. I look forward to reading more.

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