Book 1: Missing Pieces

Matt’s critically acclaimed first full feature e-book – suitable for intermediate to advanced sleight of hand practitioners. With twelve usable items. This book contains almost all exclusively card items. Available as a pdf download.

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These Damn American Coins

Described as one of the finest coins through table routines available. This is multi-climatic routine where each phase logically builds on the last, which is both entertaining and magical.
Available as a pdf download.

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A Caan at the end of the Road

This stage version of ‘ACAAN’ is not for purists – in a demonstration of persuasion, the mentalist proves how the human mind is incapable of  randomness by successfully demonstrating the ACAAN not once, but twice – with an ordinary deck.

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[one_third] The Jokers Know Nothing

The Jokers Know Nothing

The Close Up Magicians Version of the Vanishing Bandanna –sort of.
This is Matt’s excellent presentation for Prior Commitment. Utilising the offbeat ‘magic hotline’.

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