These damn American coins

Seriously. This is great! Every detail has been worked and worked in live venues with harsh audiences until it was right.
Funny, up beat, and above all magical for any audience.
Highly recommended
James Brown
[custom_frame_right]Matt Colman These Damn American Coins
[/custom_frame_right] [dropcap]T[/dropcap]hree coins, two hands and a camp little purse. First off, three coins drop to the table. Counting the three coins…you realize one has vanished in mid air…It has penetrated the purse! Open up the little purse to find the first coin! The excitement doesn’t stop there! Oh no baby. After the bewilderment of how the hell that happened, the magi tries to repeat it, this time not through cheap imitation leather, oh no he means business…this time through solid wood! Two coins are rubbed on top of the table the hand is removed and shown one has gone. It has melted through the table! The magician losing his sanity over the damn American coins tries it one more time. One coin rubbed through the table, the last one can even be signed! It’s gone! The other hand goes underneath and plucks the last coin out from under. The purse is placed on the table. “A miracle” they all shout. It’s all over. Just then the magician seems to lose his balance as the coin purse he’s resting on vanishes from under his hand! It’s melted through the table too!

This coins through table does not offer anything ground breaking, but a sure-fire solid routine that flows from one phase to the next with extra endings and handling tips.

Uses two standard coin gimmicks most magicians will have.

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Here’s what others are saying:

Seriously. This is great! Most routines of this nature seem to be created around a move or gimmick. This (although uses gimmicks) is created from a performance perspective. Every detail has been worked and worked in live venues with harsh audiences until it was right.

If you want to play your magic safe, there is something here for you. BUT if, like me, you enjoy being on the edge with your performance, Matt has included some tips that make this effect a killer.

Funny, up beat, and above all magical for any audience.

Highly recommended

– James Brown

Just wanted to say well done Matt, this IS a well put together piece and not difficult. The only thing I will be changing is the last coin. Will do a complete vanish to make the effect bulletproof. I am also looking at using three different coins as opposed to three the same via using some mixed gimmicks. Thanks Matt this is an inspiring routine. Good buy at the price

– Al Straker

Hi, Matt sent me this as an e-mail a few months ago, before he even thought of releasing it as a PDF. I was absolutely blown away, it is a fantastic effect, really commercial, and as James says you can really crank it up and do a killer finish. Highly recomended!!

– Christopher Congreave

Pdf manuscript:
This is a well written and easy to understand 8 page manuscript without pictures…

Effect and handling:
As a coin man myself I have to be honest, there is nothing new or groundbreaking here, but the routine is a REAL worker and very well structured (nice flow, each phase works well with the one before) …

Visual and clean looking (particulary the first phase)
Very easy to do (basic sleigths are used)
As mentioned before its a real worker…

You need some gaffs

I can highly recommend this to any serious coin/card/whatever worker who is searching for a visual clean looking and easy to do coin through table (purse) routine with some nice touches

Great work Matt!!!

– Max, Magic Cafe

This really is a fantastic routine, and one which can be presented in many ways and is suitable for most performing sitations and venues.
I only perform a couple of coin routines/effects, and though fun to watch, am for the most part not really too worried about any new coin material (there are exceptions though ‘cough’ cointwo ‘cough’), but I have to say that as soon as I learnt of this one I was eager to practise and work on it, I loved the routine itself, and it has a nice flow, with each phase working well with the one before and the one after.
Though there are many coin thru tables and routines of a similar style, this one has that fun factor, and is not cluttered or overdone… it’s short and sweet.

Y2John – Magic Cafe

this really is a nice routine, and the final coin can be signed! You cleanly show one coin, and only one, it is cleanly shown above the table, it REALLY is, then you push it through the table, and the other hand comes out and shows it has the signed coin, and it REALLY is the EXACT same signed coin! No duplicate signatures or anything! I love the purse going through as well, really makes it a strong routine!

– Christopher Williams

I agree it’s a worker

rutabaga – Magic Cafe