The Jokers Know Nothing

[custom_frame_center] The Jokers Know Nothing - Matt Colman

[/custom_frame_center] [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he jokers aren’t whispering (or the queens for that matter) and all you really want to do is perform the bloody vanishing bandanna, but as god would have it, you’ve only gone and put another banana in the box.

Since Graham Jolley recently performed ‘Prior Commitment’ on TV there has been a huge deal of interest in this fantastic effect. For those that live in UK – you may be looking for an alternative presentation for this well loved effect – ‘The Jokers Know Nothing’ provides an interesting magic hotline presentation angle on it (rather than the jokers ‘naming the positions’). This download comes with a professionally recorded ‘hotline’ that you appear to ring to help you out when the trick seems to have gone wrong.  The Jokers know nothing comes with a pdf manuscript which explains this original presentation, however it does not teach the original effect. You will need Simon’s book, DVD or at least know the trick well. The download comes with the default number combination from the book, but also my preferred combination in the extended version, which is explained why these numbers are used instead. This presentation also solves the problem of ‘what if they cut to the jokers?’ and a few other creases I have found.

The download contains a PDF manuscript and four versions of the magic hotline, a standard version in mp3 and video mp4 for iPhones and an extended version in mp3 and mp4 for iPhones. Due to a reference to money in the hotline, there are also four parent variations, a Version for British Audiences, A version for American Audiences,  A Version for European Audiences and an International Version. The extended version is a solid five mixture show piece with dry humour courtesy of magic hotline.

Perfect for a parlour type show.


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